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Location of the festival: Sportoase Leuven

The festival is located at Sportoase in Leuven, serving as the main venue for all workshops. It is a large sports complex with a pool and additional rooms for various sports.

It has many large rooms for our workshops and parties. Everyone will have enough space to enjoy the moment and follow all the workshops on a high level. Additionally, Sportoase's proximity to the city center adds convenience for participants, allowing them to explore the charming surroundings during breaks.

The venue's commitment to providing diverse sporting facilities aligns perfectly with our festival's ethos. Participants can engage not only in dance workshops but also make use of the available sports amenities, fostering a holistic approach to well-being. The pool adds a refreshing touch, providing a perfect avenue for relaxation and rejuvenation after the workshops.

This venue has become our home for I Love Bachata, and we trust that you will have an enjoyable stay.

Find more information about Sportoase on the official website: www.sportoase.be/leuven